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Boarding form:

Please use the form below to schedule a boarding stay for your dog, cat, small mammal or bird at Tri City East Veterinary Hospital. Our boarding fills up fast during major holidays, so please schedule well in advance. We will call you to confirm we have the space available on the days you request. Learn more about our boarding facilities and services.



Look through our Boarding services list and please note in our online form all details we need to know about your boarder: size, vacicination status, duration of the stay,, and what extras you'll be indulging your companion with.

Boarding Policies and Prices

Regular and Holidays Boarding fees (per day / per pet)

Regular Boarding Fee 0-22 Lbs - $15.95 / Holidays 0-25 Lbs $20.19
Regular Boarding Fee 23-44 Lbs - $18.05 / Holidays 21-40 Lbs $22.30
Regular Boarding Fee 45-88 Lbs - $24.40 / Holidays 41-88 Lbs $28.63
Regular Boarding Fee 89 Lbs and over - $32.60 / Holidays 89 Lbs and over $32.91


Medicating Boarders

Boarders on medication will be charged an extra $2.75 per day. To provide the best possible care, we require that your pet be current on all vaccinations. Cats must also be negative for feline Leukemia.

Vaccinations required for dogs

DPC, Rabies and Boardatella - $22.30 each

Vaccinations required for cats

FVRCP, rabies and Boardatella - $22.30 each

FeLV - $27.60 : FeLV / FIV test $63.91

we require proof of vaccinations if not given at our hospital.

A $31.65 vaccination exam fee will be charged for all dogs and cats receiving vaccines while boarding. There is no exam fee for Boardatella vaccine or FeLV / FIV test.

To protect all boarders, pets must have an application of Frontline, (to protect them from Fleas and Ticks) and a fecal exam, (to protect them against exposure to intestinal parasites).

Frontline Applied single Dose or Save with a Purchase of a 3 month supply:

0-22 Lbs - $22.66
23-44 Lbs - $27.81
45-88 Lbs - $32.96
89-132 Lbs - $39.14


Additional Treats and Services

Science Diet treats (Jerky or Bone): $7.00
Extra Play Time (+15 mins) : $3.61
Furminator brush-out : (10.00)
Bath: Varies (Please ask on the form)
Pedicure: $15.45
Lion cut or complete shave: $79.00